• Delivering on the promise of serverless computing and NoOps (podcast)
    Feb 2019 | Deloitte OnCloud podcast
    In this week’s episode, David Linthicum chats with Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Ken Corless and Gary Arora about all things serverless: how it relates to NoOps, upsides, downsides, and the human element. In a wide-ranging discussion, they tackle what serverless is, and isn’t, and how it’s moving towards NoOps. They also discuss hybrid environments, security, automation, and the bright future for serverless.

  • Simplify SQL Queries on Amazon Athena with athena-express
    Jan 2019 | AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog
    Athena-Express can simplify executing SQL queries in Amazon Athena AND fetching cleaned-up JSON results in the same synchronous call - a capability well suited for many web applications.

  • Cons of Serverless Architectures
    Nov 2018 | Hacker Noon
    A critical look at some of the potential drawbacks of serverless architecture that often get overlooked amidst the hype.

  • Microservices in a Cloud-Native World: A Perfect Mesh-Up?
    Nov 2018 CloudExpo Journal | CloudExpo
    Even though organizations have been moving toward microservices-based application development for several years, there is still a very real concern when it comes to changing legacy monolithic applications. This is where cloud native comes into play.

  • 3 Reasons to Go Cloud-Native
    Aug 2018 CIO Journal | The Wall Street Journal
    92% of enterprises are using the public cloud today. As a result, simply being in the cloud is no longer enough to remain competitive. The benefit of reduced costs has normalized while the market forces are demanding more innovation at faster release cycles. Enter Cloud Native!

  • The Many Potential Benefits of Serverless Computing
    Nov 2017 CIO Journal | The Wall Street Journal
    Serverless is the next level of abstraction in cloud computing with huge potential to transform the way many businesses consume cloud services. This emerging cloud service can reduce costs and speed deployment times for many business customers, with those advantages often outweighing concerns about vendor lock-in.

  • Leapfrog into Serverless: An Amtrak-Deloitte Case Study
    Dec 2017 Serverless Conference | ACloudGuru
    This talk was delivered at the Serverless Conference in New York City in 2017. Deloitte and Amtrak built a Serverless Cloud-Native solution on AWS for real-time operational datastore and near real-time reporting data mart that modernized Amtrak’s legacy systems & applications. With Serverless solutions, we were able to leapfrog over several rungs of computing evolution.

  • Amtrak Rolls Past Containers into a Serverless Infrastructure
    Oct 2017 The New Stack
    Serverless sufficiently lowers the barrier to entry so that companies that are currently on bare metal or virtual machines can leapfrog over container-based architectures altogether and straight into functions-as-a-service and event-driven models

  • The Internet of Things: Moving from Cost Savings to Revenue Generation
    May 2017 CFO Journal | The Wall Street Journal
    Many organizations are struggling to settle on the right IoT application to justify the capital investment that the technology may require. In this issue of CFO Insights, we look specifically at monetizing IoT technology, exploring strategies common in the software world - where information has long generated value - and how those strategies may apply to other industry sectors.

  • The Internet of Things: Moving from Cost Savings to Revenue Generation
    Apr 2017 CFO Insights | Deloitte
    Many companies are struggling to settle on the right IoT application or justify the capital investment that the technology may require. For many executives, the idea of locating value in the combination of physical and digital information is still new.

  • Turning Value into Revenue - What IoT players can Learn from Software Monetization
    Nov 2016 Deloitte Insights | Deloitte
    Customers want connected technology, but can companies make any money from the Internet of Things? The answer is yes—and the software industry offers a possible model for finding revenue in IoT-based products and services.